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NAV® Technology Platform

Our product candidates all utilize viral vectors from our proprietary gene delivery platform, which we call our NAV Technology Platform.

Our NAV Technology Platform consists of exclusive rights to AAV7, AAV8, AAV9 and over 100 other novel AAV vectors (NAV Vectors). We currently have exclusive rights to over 100 patents and patent applications worldwide covering our NAV Vectors, including composition of matter claims for AAV7, AAV8, and AAV9, as well as methods for their manufacture and therapeutic uses. We believe this patent portfolio forms a strong foundation for our current programs and with our ongoing research and development, we expect to continue to expand this robust patent portfolio.

The foundation of our NAV Technology Platform was discovered in an effort to identify next generation AAV vectors that could overcome the limitations of earlier generation AAV vectors (AAV1 through AAV6). We believe the key benefits of NAV Vectors include:

We believe NAV Technology, which underpins our internal development programs and the programs of our licensees, will enable us and our partners to develop best-in-class gene therapy candidates for a wide range of therapeutic areas.