NAV® Vectors

Advantages of “traditional” AAV:

  • Non-pathogenic
  • Non-replicating
  • Long-lasting, stable gene expression

REGENX’s NAV® Technology provides further advantages beyond “traditional” AAV including:

  • Efficient for delivering genes in vivo
  • Faster onset of gene expression
  • High tissue selectivity
  • High titer manufacture

REGENX’s proprietary technology uses recombinant adeno-associated viral (rAAV) vectors for the delivery of new genetic materials to cells. rAAVs are uniquely designed by nature to effectively deliver genetic material to host cells.

REGENX NAV® rAAV Vector Technology has been developed through substantial investment in research and development to address the requirements of using viral vectors for therapeutic gene delivery as well as in vivo for R&D, which has resulted in platforms that are optimized to provide significant advantages over other existing methods.

For more information about the applications of REGENX NAV Vectors, please visit these pages: