About Your Vectors

Please review these recommendations to ensure optimal performance of your vectors.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Download and review the rAAV MSDS for proper handling of your material.


Recombinant AAV should be stored at −80°C.

AAV may be stored for short periods of time at −20°C.

On the day of use, when thawed, keep AAV at 4°C.

Minimize freeze-thaw cycles by aliquoting the vector.


AAV is provided in sterile PBS with 5% glycerol and NaCl (35mM final).

Dilute immediately before use with sterile PBS.

rAAV may be provided in other buffers upon special request.

Cis plasmids

Provided to you in buffer ready for cloning, or for transformation/expansion.

If you need to amplify the plasmid, please maintain it in a recombinase minus (rec-) cell line (e.g. stbl2, SURE). Check every prep with SmaI to confirm the integrity of the ITRs.