REGENX AAV Vector Technology is protected by an intellectual property estate that includes over a 100 patents and patent applications. We believe that no other company possesses a portfolio of such broad and exclusive rights to the patents required for the development of AAV vector based therapeutics, making us the leader in the field. Our intellectual property includes a wide range of important biology, genetic material delivery, and therapeutic target patents, the most fundamental of which provides us with exclusive rights to vectors derived from novel serotypes of rAAV, including  rAAV8, rAAV9 and rAAVrh10.

These AAV vectors are particularly well suited for the development of therapeutic product candidates based on characteristics of these novel AAV serotypes and REGENX believes its intellectual property is important in providing competitive advantage and product exclusivity for its mission to develop novel AAV vector based therapeutics. If you are interested in learning more about our technologies or wish to inquire about licensing, please visit our Partnering pages.

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